16 LED Christmas Tree With Shift Registers And Motion Detection

I’m lucky that Christmas has such a wide array of acceptable aesthetics. There are two things in life that I can cut out with a jigsaw and the ol’ lady still dig it and I […]

Tennis Ball Gun

Date: May 2017 I had big plans of putting a lidar detector in this thing to allow for fully-automated kinematics. Real life stinks. Someday I will go back and make this tennis ball cannon automatically […]

Battleship In Python 2.7

Battleship Python

December 2016 Python 2.7 – vPython Graphics Library While all the knuckleheads learning C++ were just getting around to for loops, our Python class had final projects of making a “video game”. Video game should […]

Low Power LED Heart Blinker for Valentine’s Day

Here’s the situation, boys. There aren’t many win-win situations when it comes to relationships so when you see one you need to take note. Chicks love it when you make them crap (from the heart) […]

Get Dressed Motivator (Max’s Stopwatch)

Dumb Intro This was my first experiment with mind control using an Arduino. My 4-year-old inherited his dad’s ability to become completely sluggish and relentlessly useless when he doesn’t give a crap about the task […]